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 Alexius Acerbant

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Alexius Acerbant

Alexius Acerbant

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Full Name: Alexius Domhnall Acerbant
Nickname: Alex, Alexis (reserved only for certain people; you know who you are)
Age: 20
House: Former Slytherin
Date of Birth: November 1, 1951
Blood Type: Pureblood
Job: [We will fill this in when you receive one]

Likes: Winning, being right, getting his way, being different, silence, sarcasm, pretty women, bitchiness (sometimes), snogging (who doesn't like it?), his family.
Dislikes: Losing, too much work, most Muggles, glasses, too much writing, sleeping in too late, his family (it's complicated)
Strengths: Charming for the most part, persuasive, sarcastic, cunning, sly, knows how to gain power and when to use it, public speaking, a great smile, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, the Dark Arts, controlling others.
Weaknesses: Potions (shame), pretty women, family, kids, scared of ducks (SHAME), Astronomy, procrastinates a lot.

Family: Siobhan Acerbant nee Vladimir- Mother, Gawain Acerbant- Father
Personal: Alexius was always kind of stuck up as a child and continued to be throughout the rest of his life. He has an acute fear of ducks because he was attacked by a flock of the vicious beasts as a toddler. His childhood was normal, or as normal as a Pureblood's can be. He loves his family, but recently hasn't been too pleased with them. He is in an arranged marriage with Andromeda Black.

Wand: 11 inches, Reed with a Chimera Scale core
Pet: None

Relationship: Technically, Andromeda Black.
Friends: Quite a few
Enemies: A lot
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Alexius Acerbant
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