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 Briar Tempest

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Briar Tempest

Briar Tempest

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Full Name: Briar Jadelyn Tempest
Nickname: B.J., Bee, Jade, etc.
Age: 11
House: Gryffindor
Year: First
Date of Birth: April 28, 1960
Blood Type: Half-Blodd

Likes:Singing, Playing the piano, Coffee, Butterbeer, Men, Overachieving, Breaking the rules, Reading, Hot summer days, Nighttime, The smell of rain, The smell of cleaning supplies, Sarcasm, Dueling, Dancing, Singing
Dislikes:Liars, Cheaters, Fighting, Tea, Waking up early, The taste of watermelon, Being told what to do, Being restricted, Spicy things, Roses, Overly sweet guys, High strung people, Complaining, Make-up
Strengths: Charms, Dueling, Doing what's right, Arguing, School, Talking her way out of things, Helping people, Bending Rules, Healing, Protecting people
Weaknesses: Listening, Following the rules, Controlling her emotions, Too impulsive, Doesn't know when to stop, Has high standards for herself, Getting into Trouble, Procrastinating overachiever

Mother- Hannah Tempest nee Rose (Pureblood)
Father- William Tempest (Muggle)
Sister- Cordelia Tempest (5)

Personal: Briar was a happy, adventurous child. She was always smiling and very curious. Her mother told Briar that before she could walk she was dancing and before she could talk she was singing. Briar has a temper though. She doesn't like fighting and has a very strong protective instinct, but she manages to get into trouble easily. Briar holds high standards for herself and doesn't know when to back down from a fight. She tends to be very emotional, but very caring.

Wand: 13 inches, Mahogany, Ashwinder Ash
Pet: German Shepherd named Lion

Relationship: N/A
Friends: N/A
Enemies: N/A
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Briar Tempest
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