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 Rita's Office

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Rita Skeeter
The Daily Prophet
Rita Skeeter

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PostSubject: Rita's Office   Rita's Office EmptyMon Jul 11, 2011 3:54 am

Rita smiled to herself as she entered the Daily Prophet offices. She hadn't been at the paper for long, but she'd already made a big enough mark that she had her own office. A few jealous eyes followed her as she walked confidently across the room, past the desks of some of the lesser writers, to the door the bore her name on a shiny silver plaque. She ignored them, as always, and entered her office, closing the door behind her.

She evaluated the desk the paper had provided, as well as the rest of the resources. "Oh no, this simply won't do," she said to herself.

She produced her wand from her purse (ocean blue, to match her outfit, of course) and within a few short minutes had made the office a little more personable. The desk was arranged the way she liked it and the walls were now adorned with framed copies of some of her favorite pieces she'd done. The finishing touch was a photograph of herself, winking and smiling down from the frame, just to the left of her desk.

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Feeling accomplished, Rita proceeded to put all of her things away and pull out the transcript of her interview with the new Headmaster of Hogwarts. She'd done quite a bit of it already, being that she'd interviewed him, but now she had to put quill to parchment and get the rest of it done. She'd even collected a few additional quotes to give the article some scope, as any good journalist should (not that she wouldn't bend anything that needed bending, of course).

Just as she was sharpening her quill and dipping it in ink, there was a knock at the door. "Enter," she said simply, looking up and waiting for the door to open to see who was behind it.
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Rita's Office
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