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 New flavours to try, and only a few sickles left.

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Helena Campbell

Helena Campbell

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PostSubject: New flavours to try, and only a few sickles left.   Thu Jul 21, 2011 5:28 am

It had been a tiring day for Helena, she honestly felt like all of the magic in the place had washed through her body and now her mood was all weird. That is, until she found out they had an ice cream shop 'you mean parlour' she thought making an old-fashioned mock accent when she said 'parlour', she couldn't help the small laugh that escaped her mouth, there were some odd things around here, and the old-fashioned things were one of those.

She stood in one side of the line, watching all the different kinds of flavours, there were some of the good regular ones, and then there were some that looked amazing, or right down creepy, why would anyone want a blood-flavoured ice cream?, and then she remembered that now, all of those magic stories were true, do there must have been some vampires around.

She was getting kind of overwhelmed, there were so many options and she didn't have a lot of money, in fact she only had enough for one ice cream; and even if she had more money, Helena doubted that she could eat all of what she wanted, grinning she said out loud "it's worth a try" to no one in specific.
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New flavours to try, and only a few sickles left.
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