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 Evelyn Carter

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Evelyn Carter

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Evelyn Carter Now_le10

Full Name: Evelyn Grace Carter
Nickname: Evey, Eve, Evie
Age: 25
House: Former Ravenclaw
Date of Birth: 24th April
Blood Type: Pureblood
Job: [We will fill this in when you receive one]

Likes: Winter, flirting, running, water, rain, the dark, dancing, reading
Dislikes: Cheaters, dirt, mud, when people are injured, uncleanliness
Strengths: Can pick a liar, good actress, manipulative, healing.
Weaknesses: The people she loves (though there are few), doesn't trust easily, cleanliness OCD.

Mother - Charlotte Carter
Father - Sam Carter
Brothers - James & Andrew Carter

Personal: Evelyn grew up with her mother and father along with her two older brothers in France. She was born there, and has a slight French accent. Her parents both attended Hogwarts, however so she also went to school there. She was sorted into Ravenclaw after the Sorting Hat spent 30 seconds trying to pick between there and Slytherin. Going through school, she tended to keep to herself; preferring study over socializing. Moving swiftly into adulthood, Evelyn traveled to many different countries studying medicine both magical and muggle. Returning to France, she stayed with her parents for a few months before applying for a job as Assistant Healer at Hogwarts.

Evelyn's stony exterior makes people think her cold and hard, however she has a soft spot for the injured, particularly children. She has a good memory and curious nature, but an icy temper when she is pushed to it. There is something a little dark about her, but she for the most part pushes it away and hides it, preferring to concentrate on helping others rather than letting that part of her take over.

Wand: 11 inches, Mahogany, Veela Hair, Rigid

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Evelyn Carter
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