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 Fallon Bourne

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Fallon Bourne

Fallon Bourne

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Fallon Bourne Kristen-stewart-entertainment-weekly-outtakes_a

Full Name: Fallon Bourne
Nickname: Fall
Age: 16
House: Ravenclaw
Year: Sixth
Date of Birth: 9/11
Blood Type: Half

Likes: Black, Blue, Animals, The Dark, Cooking, Rock and Roll, Partying, Boys
Dislikes: Pink, Not Being Trusted, Liars
Strengths: Getting Her Way,
Weaknesses: Boys, Her Family (As much as she doesn't like them)

Mother: Eisley Lovegood (Witch)
Father: Seamus Bourne (Muggle)
Sister: Kirsten Bourne
Anamarie Bourne
Brother: Liam Bourne
Brendan Bourne

Personal: Fallon was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland until the age of eight when her parents moved to England so that her mother could take a job at the Ministry of Magic. Her mother met her father when she was on holiday after graduating from Hogwarts. She married Seamus after telling him she was a witch and her father took to the news very well. Fallon is one of five children and surprisingly enough they are all showing signs of being able to produce magic.


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Fallon Bourne
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