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 Spying on A Drink... or three?

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Gareth Mercury
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Gareth Mercury

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Spying on A Drink... or three? Empty
PostSubject: Spying on A Drink... or three?   Spying on A Drink... or three? EmptyThu Aug 25, 2011 3:29 am

Gareth was feeling both happy and angry at the same time. Now it was impossible to feel two emotions that were contrasts to each other but when it came to him, that rule wasn't valid in his book.

Garbed in a trenchcoat over his street attire while entering the Hog's Head, Gareth ordered a large mead bottle and made a beeline to a table near a corner when he noticed what looked to be a couple talking at a table. Normally, he wouldn't have paid any attention had Gareth not recognized Bellatrix Black and Rodolphus Lestrange. From behind his sunglasses, his eyes narrowed with a malicious gleam and he grinned in a manner that meant more than trouble with a capital T.

Given the distance between his table and their table, Gareth merely sat in his seat in a manner that showed him as a carefree patron with his right hand clutching the mead bottle that he was sipping directly out of while his left hand was hidden in the left pocket of his trench-coat. Even though he appeared to be looking at the bar, Gareth observed them from his peripheral vision. While he normally wasn't looking for trouble, Gareth was just hoping that one of them or both would give him a reason to accost them.
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Spying on A Drink... or three?
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