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 Regulus Arcturus Black

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Regulus Arcturus Black

Regulus Arcturus Black

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Full Name: Regulus Arcturus Black
Age: 10
House: N/A
Birthdate: 13th June
Blood Type: Pureblood
Job: N/A

Likes: Dark Arts, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures, Family, Friends
Dislikes: Backstabbers, conflict, being manipulated
Strengths: Dark Arts, Defence Against the Dark Arts, being manipulative
Weaknesses: Family

- Father: Orion Black
- Mother: Walburga Black
- Brother: Sirius Black III
- Paternal Grandfather: Arcturus Black III
- Paternal Grandmother: Melania Macmillan
- Maternal Grandfather: Pollux Black
- Maternal Grandmother: Irma Crabbe
- Cousin: Bellatrix Lestrange
- Cousin: Andromeda Tonks
- Cousin: Narcissa Malfoy
- Uncle: Ignatius Prewett

Personal: Regulus was born in 1961 into the wealthy, pure-blooded Black family, as the youngest son of Orion and Walburga Black and younger brother of Sirius Black. Regulus' parents considered him to be much different from his older brother Sirius. Although Sirius was the older son and heir, he didn't whatsoever follow the Black family traditions, unlike Regulus who was admired by his parents for his loyalty towards his family and their traditions.

Regulus had always been a quiet child and spends most of his time keeping to himself until needed, Regulus tends to spend his free time reading and practicing his quidditch skills.

Wand: N/A

Pet: N/A

Relationship: N/A

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Regulus Arcturus Black
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