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 Rita Skeeter

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Rita Skeeter
The Daily Prophet
Rita Skeeter

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Rita Skeeter Dianna10

Full Name: Rita Skeeter
Nickname: none
Age: 20
House: Former Ravenclaw
Date of Birth: 8 July
Blood Type: Half-Blood
Job: [We will fill this in when you receive one]

Likes: Journalism, Photography, Men, Getting her way
Dislikes: Uncooperative people, People who refuse to comment, Figs, Feet
Strengths: Writing, Snooping, Gossiping, Very patient
Weaknesses: Horrible cook, Allergic to bees, Gets distracted by Spanish and Italian accents

Family: Rita is the only child of Theodore and Morgana (Nee Blackstone) Skeeter.
Personal: Theodore, a half-blood, married Morgana, a pureblood, after being together a grand total of three and a half weeks. Morgana became pregnant almost immediately and the pair separated after Rita's birth, though they did not divorce. Morgana moved back into her family home, which is where Rita was raised. Even as a child, she was very inquisitive and enjoyed getting all the gossip, biding her time with the information until she happened upon the perfect opportunity to reveal it. At Hogwarts, she was sorted into Ravenclaw and very quickly made frenemies with the other girls in her house. Her gossipy nature served her well in school as she quickly learned how to manipulate others around her based on the information. In her sixth year, she got bored with the NEWT curriculum and started teaching herself how to become an animagus. Since leaving school only a few years ago, she has already written a book (a collective biography of the previous Minister of Magic) and is working on a second (tentatively titled Armando Dippet: Master or Moron?), though she finds these projects can get a bit stale and is currently seeking employment at The Daily Prophet.

Wand: 9 1/4", Mahogany, Dragon Heartstring
Pet: None- animals are dirty.

Relationship: None yet
Friends: None yet
Enemies: None yet
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Rita Skeeter
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