Join Dumbledore in his plight to save the world, both the Muggle world and the Wizarding world from the clutches of Tom Marvolo Riddle and Gellert Grindelwald.
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 Three Hallows

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Tom Marvolo Riddle
Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor
Tom Marvolo Riddle

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PostSubject: Three Hallows   Three Hallows EmptySat Jun 18, 2011 4:13 pm

Tom rubbed a hand over his face as he sat back in his chair, it was late, past midnight, he had spent all day preparing lessons for he upcoming year. As he predicted he finished his Defense work earlier that afternoon around 4, he spent the rest of his time researching the three Hallows. He was almost certain that Grindelwald was pursuing them and had a mild idea that Dumbledore knew of them.

He gathered his scrolls and texts before putting them back in their places, concealed and away from prying eyes.
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Three Hallows
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