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 Miranda Rayne

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Miranda Rayne

Miranda Rayne

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PostSubject: Miranda Rayne   Miranda Rayne EmptySun Jun 19, 2011 10:09 pm

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Full Name: Miranda Reece Rayne
Nickname:Mira, Panda, Rain, whatever...
House: Gryffindor
Date of Birth: June 4th
Blood Type:Pure

Likes:Candy, fun, friends, horses, thestrals, being curious, muggles
Dislikes: being curious, her sisters, girly stuff, mean people
Strengths: charms, wit, intuition
Weaknesses:potions, headstrong, reckless, has her 'simple' moments

Family: Four older sisters, all in Hogwarts, Beatrice, Allison, Gwenevere and Jordan.
Gwen and Alli are twin sixth years, Jordan was a fifth year and Bea was a seventh year. All of her sisters are popular and Miranda is always babied which annoys her. She tries really hard to break out of her family's mold but so far only succeeded in her Mother stating that 'her young phase reminded her of her youth, So adorable.'

Personal: Her sisters love her and Mira just kind of resents them. Their parents are open minded but want the girls to be proper ladies.
Which works because Gwen, Alli, Bea and Jor are all rather pretty whereas Mira could be pretty but doesnt really care.
And her sarcasm kind of ruins whatever dainty effect she might posses.

Pet: a labrador puppy named Joe.

Relationship: are you kidding?
Enemies:make up...
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Miranda Rayne
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