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 Ashley Brassington

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Ashley Brassington

Ashley Brassington

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Full Name: Ashley Brassington
Nickname: Ash
Age: 11
House: Slytherin
Year: 1st
Date of Birth: April 3, 1960
Blood Type: Halfblood

Likes: Getting away with things, proving he's smarter, outwitting people, money, fire
Dislikes: Being weak, people telling him what to do, being made a fool of, kowtowing to anyone
Strengths: Common sense, acting skills, flexible, adaptable
Weaknesses: Gets carried away, jealous, petty, vindictive, anger

Family: The Brassingtons are an aristocratic muggle family that believe in class and grace. They do not hold with those that put on airs or are from new money. Those that marry below their station, disrespect the family, or bring shame to the name are ostracized and disinherited.

Personal: Knew about magic since he could talk thanks to being raised mostly by his mother whose a witch. First bout of accidental magic appeared when he was around four or five. His mother had been a bit careless allowing Ahsley to get ahold of her wand. He wound up nearly setting the entire complex on fire. After that his mother tried to find a way for Ashley to control his anger. Throughout the years there were sporadic usages of magic from him. When his Hogwarts letter appeared, it was Ashley's mum more than the boy himself who was happy to see it and send him to school.

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Ashley Brassington
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