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 Norman Aquinas

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Norman Aquinas

Norman Aquinas

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Norman Aquinas Wentwo10

Full Name: Norman Aquinas
Nickname: The Engineer
Age: 19
House: Former Hufflepuff
Date of Birth: December 12, 1952
Blood Type: Half-Blood
Job: - - -

Likes: Expeditions, Engineering, Ethnology
Dislikes: Egotists, Arrogant People
Strengths: Analytical, Innovative, Artistic, Instinctive
Weaknesses: Externally Sensitive

Family: Constantin Zabini (pureblood father- deceased), Orsola Aquinas (Muggle mother), Monica Aquinas (Muggle aunt)

Personal: Illegitimate child from a one-night fling. Norman never knew much about his father. His mother worked as an American archaelogist and he was constantly with her until he started Hogwarts. At the end of his fifth year, Norman received news that Orsola had been in an accident while assisting in an expedition out in Antarctica and is currently in a coma, forcing him to transfer to one of the magic schools in the U.S. where he finished the remainder of his education, earned the nickname "The Engineer" among the student populace, and graduated in the top five. He is currently traveling the world.

Wand: Palm Reed 13-inch, Unicorn Hair
Pet: None

Relationship: None
Friends: None
Enemies: None
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Norman Aquinas
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