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 Measuring Up

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James Potter
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James Potter

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PostSubject: Measuring Up   Measuring Up EmptyWed Jun 22, 2011 3:00 pm

James walked into Madam Malkin's feeling rather excited. He had always wanted his own set of Robes. having seen his parents and their friends get about in them.

James looked around the store, smiling at the tape measures doing the bulk of the work. The tailors seem to be enjoying the conversational side to the work though, especially Madam Malkin. James gave a small wave when she recognised him.

"Master Potter," Malkin greeting James warmly. "How is the youngest Potter doing this fine day?"

James smiled at the woman, who had already started scribbling down measurements just by looking at him.

"I'm good, thanks," James said and then engaged in mindless chit-chat with the woman. Everything from the weather to his parents, to what James' opinion on the British Prime Minister was. James didn't have much to say about the last topic.

Finally, half an hour later and a sore back for standing still for ages, James managed to leave the store with 2 sets of Plain Black Robes and 2 sets of Hogwarts Uniform Robes.
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Measuring Up
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