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 A practical purchase

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Ashley Brassington

Ashley Brassington

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PostSubject: A practical purchase   A practical purchase EmptyThu Jun 23, 2011 2:49 am

Grumbling under his breath, the rather ruffled boy shoved his way inside the secondhand robe shop. The alley was usually crammed with busy families and people shopping getting ready for the upcoming year, but the child hadn't thought it would be that crowded. Naturally the streets would grow more crowded every year as people got married and had children themselves who would come and shop in the alley. However, they needn't be so rude while they rushed about and jostling those shorter than themselves.

Dusting himself off, Ashley took in his attire with a scowl. His smock like shirt and his trousers had smears of dirt on them thanks to his spill outside from an inattentive moron swinging his bag around. Lifting his head when he heard someone addressing him, the boy gave an irritable nod when asked by the shopkeeper if he knew his measurements. Not being needed for the moment, the shopkeeper disappeared in the back leaving Ashley by himself.

The boy took his time as he perused the racks of clothing. He stood with his back ramrod straight not ashamed in the slightest. In the boy's mind he was being more practical then his classmates by buying second hand robes for his work robes. By buying robes that were already stained from potions and whatnot, you saved money from having to buy new robes year after year.

Finding some that fit and weren't too badly stained or shabby, Ashley asked if the shopkeeper could perform a cleansing spell on them. Not because he thought it would get the stains out, but rather he did not fancy putting the robes on to check their size knowing someone else had already worn them. It was likely other before him had tried the robes on and found them lacking.

Giving him a disgruntled look, the shopkeeper did as asked and waited while the boy tried them on then nodded in satisfaction. Purchasing the two sets of plain black work robes he then exited the shop to work his way up to Madam Malkins to buy his uniform robes.
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A practical purchase
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