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 Merlin, get me away!

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Miranda Rayne

Miranda Rayne

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Merlin, get me away! Empty
PostSubject: Merlin, get me away!   Merlin, get me away! EmptyThu Jun 23, 2011 4:08 pm

Miranda had, literally, fled from her sisters while shopping.
Bea was absolutely no fun, getting upset about Mira accidently turning her hair blue. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!
It was!
And Gwen and Alli....ugh ew, Gwen was busy making out with Evan and Alli was making out with Landon so
And Jordan was in a shop fighting with her girlfriend and both were incredibly stupid.
So when Bea decided to get all huffy Miranda decided to make tracks.
And so here she was, running as fast as she could, Joe hot on her heels with a mad albeit blue haired sister screaming and chasing her.
Miranda burst into the Leaky and ducked behind the counter pulling Joe withher, poor dog.
Bea burst in mad as a hornet and scanned the place.
Pressing herself against the corner Miranda tried desperately to stay still.
Fuming Bea left.

Sinking into a chair Miranda sighed in relief and Joe started sucking his hindpaw thoughtfully.

Then she blew her fringe out of her eyes and saw someone her age sitting opposite her.
"Oh! Merlin, I'm sorry, my sisters a fury. I'm Miranda Rayne. The blue haired banshee out there is my eldet sister Beatrice. GoodLord she's a nightmare. Oops, sorry, I'm rambling again." she closed her mouth to keep more words from spilling out before asking,
"Mind if I stay here?"
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Helena Campbell

Helena Campbell

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Merlin, get me away! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Merlin, get me away!   Merlin, get me away! EmptyTue Jul 19, 2011 6:12 pm

Helena had been sitting there for the longest time, she had run out of money and was hoping her dad would show up eventually, as they had agreed to; meeting points were always a must between her dad and her, he loved crowded places and she usually got distracted; this time they'd agreed to meet at the leaky cauldron. So here she was, trying not to look pointedly at the weird people that hung around this place or their companions, which she wasn't completely sure were regular animals at all.

Suddenly, a girl about her age sat down in front of her, she didn't know the tables here were assigned, so with a blank stoic face she started to get up trying her best not to look guilty, but the girl in front of her started talking about banshees and furies, in the middle of that she said her name, so Helena guessed she was introducing herself.

"erm, not at all, you can stay as long as you want" she said simply and kept looking at her, trying to analyse her and her life, it was something she tended too do when she met new people: create a story and then see if it was accurate. After a few moments, she realized with dread that as always, she had stopped the attempt of conversation, so she politely said "I'm Helena Campbell".

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Miranda Rayne

Miranda Rayne

Posts : 29

Merlin, get me away! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Merlin, get me away!   Merlin, get me away! EmptySat Aug 06, 2011 3:35 pm

Mirands regared the girl with wariness as she started staring at her, to be honest it was slightly odd.

Miranda liked her already.

"You alright?" she asked as the girl stared on but was relieved when she introduced herself too.

"Helena, nice name. Mind if I call you Helly? You can call me whatever you want." she shrugged as Joe, her golden lab puppy started to suck on her shoe.

"Ehm, this is Joe, he's slightly..well he's sort of stupid. But lovable all the same." she smiled.

"So are you a first year? Hogwarts?" she prompted incase the girl was a muggleborn.
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PostSubject: Re: Merlin, get me away!   Merlin, get me away! Empty

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Merlin, get me away!
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