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 People actually buy this stuff?

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Wes Anderson


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PostSubject: People actually buy this stuff?   Mon Jul 11, 2011 2:59 am

Walking into Diagon Alley was always slightly horrifying at first, mainly because the first shop that Wes saw was always Madam Primpernelle's Beautifying Potions, and this visit was no different. His sister ran past him to go look in the window of the gaudy, shockingly pink building. Wes scoffed. He didn't see the point in this establishment anyway. A potion may be able to change appearance, but it couldn't change the fact that someone felt so horrible about themselves that they had to go in there in the first place.

"Pointless," he muttered to himself. He wished that he hadn't taken on the chore of looking after his sister for the day. If she goes in, I'm not going after her, he promised himself silently.

Unfortunately, she did go in, so Wes resigned himself to sitting on the bench across the street from the hideous shop to wait for her, hoping that someone else would come along to entertain him while he waited for her to get bored with the things in the store.
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Fallon Bourne


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PostSubject: Re: People actually buy this stuff?   Sat Jul 30, 2011 10:04 pm

The school year was quickly approaching and that meant an end to the muggle parties that she liked to fill her summers with. She was friends with a few and they used to question where she spent the year, but she just simply said it was a boarding school and left it at that. After awhile no one bothered to ask anymore and she just simply blended.

Wandering down Diagon Alley she looked in a few shops ticking off a few things in her head that she needed to get before the year began as she hated to ask her mother to send her packages, it was better to just get it all before. Plus she hated her mother asking what she needed the stuff for. Hair potions was just one of those things. Her hair tended to get a bit crazy and muggle products just didn't do the trick.

Ducking into the store she glared at a group of giggling girls and went straight to the shelf to pick up a bottle of what she needed. Paying she made her way back out quickly. Gah she hated girls like that, the little prissy misses.

Crossing the street she smiled to herself and the cursed when she dropped the bag and the bottle rolled out of it and over to some guys feet. Bending down in front of him she straightened back up and dropped the bottle into the bag. "Sorry bout that." Chuckling she looked him over, "You look rather bored sitting out here."
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People actually buy this stuff?
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