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 Thomas Ewan Celare

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Thomas Celare
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Thomas Celare

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Name:Thomas Celare
Age: 11
Year: First
Birthdate: 2/28
Blood Type: Pureblood

Likes: Cooking. Reading and writing, Thomas also likes to just listen to the silence, as well as occasional sketching, though he's no good at it. Thomas is also a total sweetaholic, and will always try and get something sweet and sugary to eat when he can.

Dislikes: Arrogant people, and people who argue for no reason, and keep their beliefs and say they're right even though they're in the wrong. His main reason for disliking these people is he's worried he'll turn out like them.

Strengths: Charms, Transfiguration. Cooking for people. Slipping out of sneaky situations. Able to focus on one thing.

Weaknesses: Can be overdetermined, and focus on one thing so much he forgets about studying/looking at others. Potions. Trying to stay out of trouble and trying to reign in his own curiosity.

Family: Has both parents and one brother, not yet enrolled. Left him at age 6 and now travel around the world.

Personal: Thomas was first born, and his parents looked after him for the first few years, but his parents thought they "Weren't ready" for him, so he ended up being left with nothing but a couple of House Elves to care for him, eventually though he met other people, mainly his closest Muggle Friend: Christian, and his family, who were almost like a surrogate family to Thomas. However, a few years later, when Thomas was ten. Christian gave him an oddly coloured stone when they went camping one time. However a few weeks after getting back from the Camping Trip, when school had started again, Christian was involved in a car accident, and died as a result of it. That's one reason why Thomas sometimes severely dislikes Muggles, and lets his past get in the way of his thinking on that count. Christian's parents moved to America soon after, as everything they saw reminded them of him. They offered to bring Thomas with them, but he refused, seeing as they would likely keep reminding each other of him. So now, Thomas lives mostly by himself, though he's now made friends from his first year at Hogwarts.


Relationship: None yet
Friendships: None currently.
Enemies: None..... For now
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Thomas Ewan Celare
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