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 Andromeda Black

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Andromeda Black

Andromeda Black

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Full Name: Andromeda Selena Black
Nickname: Dromeda, Andy (Only Cissy and Bella are aloud to call her that)
Age: 18
House: Former Slytherin
Date of Birth: March 2nd 1953
Blood Type: Pureblood
Job: Shopkeeper of Magical Menagerie

Likes: Getting her way, Winning, Power, The smell of lemonade, Kisses, Sunshine, Men, Alcohol, Working alone, Pineapple, Coffee, Nighttime, Sarcasm, Arguing, Getting under people's skins, Low Lighting, Reading
Dislikes: People who can't stay out of other peoples' business, Having to do a lot of work, People with no backbone, People who complain, Being mistaken as a student (even though it happens often), Having the attention on her, Parties, Getting up early
Strengths: Not getting caught, Physical combat, Quick with excuse (can make up a false story easily), Following directions, Getting her way, Self-confident, Hard-worker, Doesn't take crap from anyone, Sticks up for what she believes in, Dueling, Convincing people to do things, Independent, Works well under pressure, Healer
Weaknesses: Has a temper, Tries to do everything, Can be a compulsive liar at times, Doesn't know when to stop, Is guarded, Holds a grudge, Will continue fighting even if she knows she's wrong, Apathetic at times, Too opinionated, Never expressed her feelings, Stubborn, Over-confident, Impatient

Cygnus Black III (father)
Druella Rosier (mother)
Bellatrix Black (sister)
Narcissa Black (sister)

Sirius Black (cousin)
Regulus Black (cousin)

Personal: Andromeda was a quiet, thoughtful child. She always followed the Pureblood expectations and did whatever her parents told her to do. She liked being by herself and had a dry sort of humor. She got along fine with her sisters, but they weren't like best friends. Andromeda was sorted into Slytherin, which wasn't a shock to anyone. She spent most of her Hogwarts years with the popular Slytherin group, but was more apathetic and calm than anything. She didn't take an interest in most things and had a dangerous temper. When she graduated, she got as far away from her parents as possible and began supporting herself by working at Magical Menagerie. She writes owls to her parents and they had recently informed her that they have spoken with the Acerbant family. Andromeda is now in an arranged marriage with their son.

Wand: 12 inches, Willow, Thestral Heartstring
Pet: Grey Cat named Drea

Relationship: In an arranged marriage with Alexius Acerbant
Friends: Bellatrix Black, Narcissa Black, Alexius Acerbant, and TBA
Enemies: TBA
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Andromeda Black
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